Founder President Speaks

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Agarwal
Founder President

I am delighted to be here at this pivotal juncture in the history of Rajhsree Group of Institutions and I welcome the second batch of medical students in Rajhsree Medical Research Institute Bareilly. In today's world, where scientific, technological and medical advances seem to occur at warp speed, it's essential to keep pace with this wave of perpetual transformation. We at Rajshree ensure that every student get an equal opportunity to learn that allow them to maximize their potential. Our outstanding and experienced faculty has taken a leadership role in ensuring that we offer our students a comprehensive and stimulating environment of learning. We plant the seeds of lifelong learning and social responsibility so that they serve the society in a responsible manner and promote the scientific and humanitarian practice of medicine by discovering better ways to fight human disease.

I wish you all a brilliant and productive career in the service of mankind.

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